ELECTRA:   Our new ported speaker represents many years of development: from an alignment developed to bring the full bass potential combined with its transparency, we feel it is as SEAS states, one of the finest drivers they have ever developed. The SEAS tweeter is a 1 metal dome chambered unit among the best tweeters ever produced. Crossover work is an example of hand build: low-tension coils, quality resistors and capacitors chosen after exstensive comparison.

The enclosure is produced with heavy wall, braced stock, hand joined architectural veneers press set. Handmade of course.

Pricing: The standard pair in cherry or oak is $1425.00

Other veneers are available as options, as seen at the left is a high-density birdseye maple. The cost would be based on veneer costs at time of order.

Many owners are concerned with material resonances. We can build the enclosures in heavy multi-veneer birch stock instead of composite material for an additional charge of $165.00 per pair.


What does the Electra do well?

The woofer is able to produce bass comparable to much larger woofers. Unlike many cone materials the magniusium is able to fill the bass region with detail. A tight lifelike bass that will capture recorded material normally not heard. Among the most articulate sounding speakers available at any price.