How we build our enclosures:

Whether a standard Taylor speaker or one of the many kit designs, to custom projects (at left) we offer a small view of just some of what goes into the work. Handmade of course. The ability to maintain a shop with dedicated setups, several custom-made hydraulic veneer presses, and most importantly experience from supplying 25 years of service to discriminating designers and builders.

At left is a SEAS design, built for a customer in Texas, black veneer with painted sides.

To see more images of projects done over the years tap photo at left.


At the right is one of many jigs, an important part of production, templates, devices to make hand work easier and maintain greater control.

Below is a routing operation to allow free air flow for woofer cuts:

At right is a photo of measuring for just one of many cuts. Driver cuts, binding posts, ports—all require exact cutting.



Below is a cutting operation, one of many tools and cutters devoted to specific purposes.

At the right is one of the hydraulic presses used in veneering, with many tons of pressure used to bond veneer to a speaker. Never ever would we think of using contact cement.

Below is veneer being joined, a delicate, exacting process.