Handmade cabinets of course, architectural quality veneers set in a press, the Concerto, a monitor designed to deliver a large sound, able to be driven with a small solid state amplifier, one as small as 30 watts will produce well over 90 dbs. of music. With a JBL 30 watt consumer integrated amp, the sound is precise, the stage large, deep with well placed instruments. Voices will be clearly defined, with excellent high end resolution. Bass is remarkable, with good authority, definition, dramatic just when needed. More then enough for nearly all music.

The crossover is a proprietary 2nd order with hand made coils, high quality capacitors and our high current wire wound military grade resistors. Wire and solder all carefully chosen for the speaker. Each part is set on acoustic matting for isolation from micro-phonics (vibration). The end result is a remarkable speaker, one that will create a well integrated “live” image.


Standard pair in cherry or oak veneer without grills: $965.00

Other veneers are available, at additional cost.    


Veneer / finish options:

Each enclosure is created here in the shop, the standard veneer is American quarter sawn cheery, the best architectural material available. Hand set in a press, glued in place to last a lifetime. The drivers are machined flush cut, on heavy mdf core material, with bracing. The side walls, (1-3/8”) are bonded to the center section creating a dense, perfect acoustic non resonance furniture grade enclosure. We can custom veneer with exotic woods to order, or a less costly option for people who want the sound only, a sprayed black monitor for a recording studio or rooms where veneers are not important. The finish is a two part high build spray varnish that is very durable.

Grills? why not: the speaker design is intended to be heard without grills. However, they can be provided at additional cost. Be aware that grills do change the speakers voice and will degrade the quality. Not recommended.

Technical information:

Working with high end speaker components where a tweeters and woofers can cost well over $1,000, the challenge is to take high quality drivers, standard well made ones and create a sound that is close, and sometimes, very close. That’s the Concerto. Each part, the alignment, tuning, induction value and resistance, the parts in the end must all come together and sing. Make music, create an illusion of sorts, Easy? no. When the design finally comes together, its thrilling.

A word on pricing: The basic Concerto speaker is offered in cherry veneer. The black version is priced lower, For other veneers pricing is on application. Keep in mind that all the Concertos will sound the same. Other veneers will be priced according to wood and finish.